Bio of Gary Johnston


Gary Johnston is a Sydney businessman who, along with his wife Kerry owns Jaycar Electronics, a chain of electronics stores across Australia & New Zealand.

He has one son with Kerry and three adult children from a previous marriage.
Gary has had an abiding interest in all things technical and has a good working knowledge of military hardware, astronomy, most areas of physics and electronics. His hobbies are boating, aviation, rugby league and reading.

Gary has been a lifelong friend of Dick Smith whom he worked for in the ’70s. Both Dick & Gary were appalled by the incompetence which led to the SeaSprite helicopter fiasco which cost the Australian tax payer $1400 million.

They began to discuss the implications from the decision to choose DCNS for our next diesel submarine. They saw serious parallels between the SeaSprite fiasco and the emerging replacement submarine exercise.

This website has led to the implications arising from the governments April 26 announcement.