Background on Seasprite

Only the highly motivated need to read the articles in full. You can see by the mind numbing detail why many of the public had at the time shown little interest and outrage over this.

The Mark Forbes article covers the subject the best, but it is perhaps best to stand back and contemplate the arrogance and insensitivity to the cost of it all. Note the paragraph that begins

“Mr McLachlan said he had no recollection…(and concludes)…That contract contained the seeds of today’s fiasco, Defence insiders admit”

No one, as far as we can tell, was demoted or fired over this joke. Indeed there are undoubtedly people from the SeaSprite era still in their jobs today.

This is why we are absolutely terrified that the diesel/nuclear announcement is so serious. It has the same DNA (ie Defence Dept sloppiness) only this time the estimaged expenditure is astonishing compared to the SeaSprite.

Article 1: The Australian – $1.4bn wasted on cancelled Seasprite
Published: 18/7/2009
Author: Patrick Walters

Article 2: Sydney Morning Herald – Call to avoid more Defence bungles
Published: 9/12/12
Author: David Ellery

Article 3: The Age – How a helicopter deal flew into trouble
Published: 6/17/2002
Author: Mark Forbes