3 thoughts on “Sky News Interview”

  1. This deal was all about one socialist Prime Minister giving money to another socialist President to save their industry. It doesn’t matter that the likelihood of ever getting a submarine is slim or that the cost blowout will be worse than the NBN. It’s all about socialists making themselves feel and look good on the international stage

    1. Aw come on. We have to keep up or perfect score here. The F35s won’t work. The Sea Sprites were a joke. The Abrams tanks are too heavy. The Canberra and the Adelaide are ratshit. The Collins Class subs were always just noisy duds. And I bet the AWDs will be expensive and hopeless too.

      You can’t blame all that on some silly socialist conspiracy theory. It’s the military/industrial complex laughing in our face. Lots of multinationals stealing taxpayer money and putting it in their pockets. All with the help of their myriad cronies in parliament and the defense bureaucracy.

      Wake up and smell the systemic corruption. None of them care if we can’t defend ourselves. They all have their snouts in the trough and it will never get any better. Just try not to get to worked up when the same self serving hypocrites take away worker’s penalty rates.

  2. Wow. Only one other comment. This is clearly an unsuccessful campaign. Looks like these guys really have wasted their time and money. Massive fail.

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